About Us

Studio Plinth arose from the darkness of our lives heading in the completely wrong direction. Founded by two friends Sanya and Jay, Studio Plinth is providing a base from which to mix fun with work. Needless to say we enjoy designing, building iOS games and above all the ability to work from any location (hopefully). Our aim is to make this company successful, have a number one game(s) and continue making fun games while living on a yacht*.  The perfect work/life balance – can you ask for more than that!?

*need to buy a yacht.


Jay Forster-Davies

Ok I'll admit it I write JAVA, however my Damascene moment came when I bought a MacBook Pro and learnt Objective-C. This lead me to co-founding Teleportfolio which builds bespoke portfolio apps for photographers, and then built a truly superb (I would say that wouldn't I) word game called Worzled for the iPhone and Worzled XL for the iPad. 

I only write JAVA so I don't starve to death.  Studio Plinth is my future, building iPhone games and apps makes me happy, follow your heart it can only lead to good things happening.

Sanya Sever

Well, I'm not admitting anything.

I always wanted to create fun games.  As it happens, the life had a different plan for me. So after years and years of writing Java and running a fairly successful technology consultancy, the time has finally come for me to use my creative side. Feed Eric Biscuits is my first official iPhone game and as such it has been a fun ride of ups and some downs but it has cemented a plan to create more games for everyone to enjoy.

As sad as it may sound to some (and quite normal for the others), I actually enjoy programming and games development is the fun future I am planning to stick to.